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closetplace llc cms enabled website designed by pcs web designClosetplace and PCS Web Design have known each other for many years, having originally met while participating in a NH Microcredit initiative during the early 2000's which led to the creation of their own group, then known as BIG - the Business Investment Group.  Bill Huntley, co-owner of Closetplace and a real do-it-yourselfer, rolled up his sleeves early on and built a website that has served his company well.  However, their website began suffering from frequent outages and issues caused by their hosting provider's frequent and often unannounced changes to their hosting environment.  That's where PCS Web Design was able to provide real added-value: as a reseller of world-class hosting services provided by Pair Networks and domain registrations through Pair Domains, PCS Web Design was able to migrate Closetplace's existing website and domain names to its hosting platform and registrar as well as provide complete e-mail services.  Now Bill can continue to manage Closetplace's website using the CMS tool he's familiar with without any of the issues previously experienced causing unwarranted disruptions to their company's website.

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